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Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose

Rose finds chance to learn specialties in Grand Island Police Department

Officer Alexis Rose chose the Grand Island Police Department for a chance to get out of her comfort zone and learn something new.

Rose joined the department in August 2021 after earning a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She graduated from the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in December 2021.

As one of the biggest law enforcement agencies in the state, the Grand Island Police Department provides plenty of opportunities, Rose said.

“I am currently working toward being a drone pilot, an accident reconstructionist and a drug recognition expert,” she said. “I hope to continue advancing in other fields and perhaps become an instructor for some of the specialties I find the most interesting.”

That kind of variety is one of the things that drew her to a career in law enforcement. Rose said she wanted a work environment that was always changing.

“I was also in the Nebraska Army National Guard,” she said, “so I wanted a job that was compatible with my experiences of camaraderie and teamwork that I was blessed with in the Guard.”

Rose also wanted an opportunity to help people. She said she wants to show the public that she’s there to serve and protect them, not just “get them in trouble.”

“Especially in today’s climate, law enforcement officers need to interact in a positive way with citizens in order to change the negative perceptions that have become so prevalent,” she said.

Although the Grand Island Police Department is her first experience in law enforcement, Rose said she would recommend it as a career to others.

“It’s a rewarding and fulfilling career full of excitement and opportunities,” Rose said, “never the same thing every day with constant ways to meet new people and help solve others’ problems.”

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